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Moksha Game

Released Date : August, 2008
OS Requirement : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA or later
Developer : Elektromedia, Malaysia                                                                                                       Game structure : Game>Theory of Hinduism>Quiz - this sequence repeats until the player merge with GOD at the last level.

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What is Moksha?
The spiritual goal of a Hindu is to become one (merge) with Brahman. This freedom is
referred to as moksha. Until moksha is achieved, a Hindu believes that he/she will
be repeatedly reincarnated(re-born) in order that he/she may work towards self-realization
of the truth (the truth being that only Brahman exists, nothing else).

Player's goal :
Merging with GOD at the last level is the goal of the player. Player need to visit few temples, gurus & answer all the questions to meet & merge with GOD at the last level.

Game features :

Pause & play functions

Help file is provided

Save & load functions

Gurus [Sri Raghavendra, Vivekanandha, Ramakrishna, Ramar, Hanuman]

Full screen / window mode

Score board

Able to minimize & maximize    

Instruction board in each level


Specialty of Moksha the game

First arcade game with Hinduism based story
First arcade game that teaching Hinduism to students
This game will create a thought within a players to see or merge with GOD in real life

(One of the level in Moksha the game)

Teaching of Hinduism

>> 10 topics are covered in this game as per below:

Topics for Primary school students:

     1. Trimurthi in Hinduism

     2. Introduction to Hindu God & Deities

     3. Symbols in Hinduism

     4. Puja ceremony in Hinduism

Topics for Secondary school students:

     5. Fundamental beliefs of a Hindu

     6. Important Vedhas in Hinduism

     7. Important Yogas in Hinduism

     8. Important 'Ithigaasams' in Hinduism

     9. Steps in Raja Yoga

     10. Famous theories in Hinduism

(Sample topic for secondary school students)

(Sample quiz for secondary school students)

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